Purchasing Your Trees and Tree Care

Here are some helpful hints from Balhannah Nurseries to help you achieve the best results in planting and growing your ornamental and fruit trees.


Where do I plant my tree?

Successful fruit growing in the garden begins with careful site selection, preparation and correct tree planting. 

These steps influence the productivity of any tree. Soil type, drainage, shade and shelter should be considered.

The tolerance of different tree species to these factors dictates where each species should be planted in the garden. Mediterranean fruits like almonds, apricots, figs, nectarines, and peaches prefer warm situations with plenty of sunshine and well drained soils.

Sites that may become waterlogged during winter and spring should be avoided to prevent the development of root rot. Cool climate crops like apples, pears, plums and quinces tolerate wetter, cooler and more shady conditions. Cherries, however, don’t like it wet.

See also Planting Your Trees for planting tips.

Buying your trees

Planting trees is an investment in your future.

Providing fresh fruit to eat, summer shade and deciduous trees then also allow light to penetrate in winter as their leaves drop. Select medium-sized trees that are one year old from the bud.

Large trees are often depleted of much of their root system when taken from the nursery, and will not respond as well as the medium sized ‘yearling’.

Your purchase of plants, shrubs and trees should be made from nurseries displaying the emblem of the Nursery & Garden Industry of South Australia, of which Balhannah Nurseries is proudly a member. This body promotes gardening tips and advice for public interest.

These associations help ensure a high quality product and professional advice.

When selecting varieties, consideration should be given to ripening dates and cross pollination requirements. These are listed beside each variety in our catalogue.

Tree Care

The planting season for bareroot fruit trees starts in early June and continues through August whereas potted trees are available all throughout the year.

In South Australia’s Adelaide Hills and the South-East planting is best carried out after the worst of winter is over as newly planted trees can easily become a victim of excessive wet conditions.

It is not necessary to plant immediately provided the roots are kept damp continuously. If planting is to be done within several days simply cover the roots with wet straw, soil or sawdust.