Commercial Growers


For the Australian Commercial Orchardist we are here to assist your transition to the forefront of fruit growing. We have dwarf rootstocks, virus tested rootstocks and the newest varieties in pome and stone fruit genetics. Our affiliation with A.N.F.I.C. and the finest breeding programs throughout the world give us the ability to produce the best product to help maximise your financial returns.

Call our office on (08) 8389 4557 to discuss all your varietal requirements, but here are some of the varieties which are currently popular:


apple_Rockit_Balhannah Nurseries_Lenswood CoopRockit®: available exclusively to growers affiliated with the Lenswood Co-op.  This delicious miniature snacking apple is the perfect size to fit into a child’s hand, and is packaged in a convenient tubular snack pack to suit our on-the-run lifestyles.



apple_Redlove Logo_Balhannah Nurseries_Lenswood coop

Red Love®: available exclusively to growers affiliated with the Lenswood Co-op.  ‘Glossy skin and unique red flesh make this crisp apple a sophisticated delicacy great in desserts and salads’.  Flesh colour holds well with cooking and produces a ‘rich, claret-toned apple juice’.

Apple_AlvinaGala_ Balhannah Nurseries_compressed300x400


Alvina Gala:  this highly coloured sport of Royal Gala has more than 95% solid red flush with stripes.  It produces medium size firm fruit which are sweet and juicy, and matures with Galaxy Gala.






 Samba, Simcoe, Early Korvik, Sir Don and others.


Piqa®Boo®: licensed to growers through Freshmax,  this pear combines characteristics from European, Chinese and Japanese pears.  The result is a unique pear with a crisp, juicy texture and refreshing crunch in addition to excellent storage and shelf life qualities.  Marketed as ‘delightfully exotic’.


Krymsk® (Kuban) 86:  a peach/plum hybrid rootstock originating from Russia.  It is compatible with almond, peach, plum and apricot.  Exhibits superior anchorage in early years and tolerates heavy and wet soils.  Widely used for almond production in California, USA.