Grapes require a warm sunny position with deep, moderately fertile alkaline soil. Table grapes will benefit from additional humus and being kept moist during summer to produce fullest fruit. In winter prune back to within two buds of the main stem to encourage strong new growth.


Fruiting Table Grapes

Flame Seedless
Flame Seedless

Red seedless table grape, early fruiting. Medium firm fruit with a sweet, crisp flavour.

Black seedless table grape. Produces medium size, firm, and juicy berries with mellow flavour. Ripens early to mid season. Bred in Australia.

White seedless table grape. Firm green grapes with mild sweet to slightly tart flavour. Very early maturing.

Thompson’s Seedless
Thompson's Seedless
White seedless sultana grape. Fruit is oval shape with a sweet taste. Consistent heavy cropper. Early maturing. One of the most popular varieties.

Sultana M12
White seedless sultana grape. Clonal section of Thompson’s Seedless with sweet flesh and medium size fruit. Early maturing.

Ruby Seedless
Ruby Seedless
Red seedless table grape. Very large bunches with round berries. Fruit is mildly sweet and flavoursome. Ripens mid season.

Black Sultana
Black Sultana_0423edit
Red to black seedless table grape. Heavy cropper, bears medium size oval shape fruit. Ripens mid season.


Glory Vine
A non fruiting climbing grapevine, yielding brilliant red Autumn colour. A vigorous variety, great for covering fences and sheds, or displaying on a trellis. Prune well in Winter, fertilise in Spring.