Note: Ripening times based on the Adelaide Hills.

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Almonds can be grown in a range of soils, provided they are well drained. They need a sunny position sheltered from cold winds. Almonds are rich in protein and vitamins. 


All in One
Size: Medium to large.
Nut: Sweet. flavour-enriched kernels. 
Shell: Soft, paper shell.
Maturity: Pollinators: Self-fertile.
Comments: Used for blanching or roasting, and in confectionery and cooking. Early cultivator. Good flavour. Heavy cropping, small tree. Bears fruit on young tree. Superb white blossom.

Californian Papershell
Hatches Nonpareil
FV;Almonds;Californian Papershell
Size: Medium to large.
Nut: Medium to large, flattish round tapering slightly; golden colour.
Shell: Papershell.
Maturity: Late January.
Pollinators: Fritz, Ne Plus Ultra, All in One.
Comments: Most popular variety producing consistent yields.

Ne Plus Ultra
Size: Large.
Nut: Large, light chocolate colour.
Shell: Papershell.
Maturity: Early February.
Pollinators: Chellaston, Californian.
Comments: Spreading habit. Somewhat frost sensitive. Heavy cropping.