Flowering Ornamentals

Almonds (Prunus)

Double Crimson
9716MF Prunus Dulcis 'Double Crimson' /Colbrunni
A very attractive flowering almond with red brown foliage and red scarlet double blossom.


Cherries (Prunus)

Kansan 1233edit
One of the most popular cherries grown, the Kanzan is very showy, ranging from deep pink in the bud to large pink double blossom. With an upright growth habit, the foliage is bronzy to green with good autumn foliage.

Grows to about 4-5 m. 

Mt. Fuji
Mount Fuji 0259edit Mount Fuji 0263EDIT
A spectacular ornamental cherry tree, the Mt Fuji has a broad spreading habit with a spectacular show of single to semi-double white and pale pink blossom.

Grows to about 4-5m.


Crab Apples (Malus)

A beautiful tree, the foliage of the Eleyii is bright reddish-purple and the flowers a rich red. It produces abundant small, highly coloured red fruit suitable to use for crab apple jelly.

Grows to 3.5m.

Gorgeous Gorgeous_3030edit
One of the most popular in the crab apple varieties, the Gorgeous has pink buds opening to white flowers and produces masses of crimson red fruit ideal for crab apple jelly.

A small tree. Grows to about 3m.

Ioensis “plena”
Crab111ApplesIoensisPlena copy
Very free flowering, it features large pale pink to white double flowers and a slight perfume with foliage turning attractive red-yellow colours in the autumn.

Grows to about 3-4m.

Purpurea 0245edit
This tree bears similar pink-red blossom to Eleyii and bears small crab apple fruits, boasting bronze-green foliage, turning orange in autumn. 

Grows to 5m (H) x 3m (W).

Spectablis Rosea
(Chinese crab apple)
Spectablis Rosea
The Rosea is upright growing with orange to yellow fruit, featuring deep rose red buds opening to pink or pale pink semi-double flowers.

Grows to about 5-6m.


Profusion blossom_06161







An upright and hardy and versatile crab apple with a strong central leader habit, it has serrated foliage turning bronze in autumn and features outstanding blossom with red buds opening to deep purple-pink flowers.

Grows to about 5m (H) x 4m (W).

Purple Wave
Purple Wave_5433edit
An eye-catching crab apple with large, deep maroon and green leaves, turning bronze in autumn, the Purple Wave has a branching growth habit and bears small dark crab apples.








A spectacular crab apple bearing profuse single white blossom and deep red crab apples. A hardy tree which is black spot resistant, it has a spreading habit with attractive tri-lobed leaves.

Grows to 4m.

Trilobata_4465 improvededit Trilobata autumn leaves_4346edit
An upright conical shaped crab apple with distinctly maple-like lobed leaves, this truly unique crab apple has foliage of deep green turning to brilliant red in autumn and is great for tight settings.

Grows to about 7m (H) x 4m (W).

An interesting erect crab apple, with silver-green leaves, it yields pale pink flowers in spring and yellow-green crab apples. With red-orange autumn foliage, it grows well in moist, well-composted soils.

Grows to about 7m (H) x 4m (W).

Pears (Pyrus)

Manchurian_1788edit Manchurian Blossom_0003edit

A hardy tree of pyramidal shape with lush, glossy foliage turning orange-red in autumn, it features single white scented flowers in spring and bears small inedible fruit.

Grows to 10m (H) x 7m (W).

A taller, upright variety making it suitable for narrow spaces or avenues, the Capital produces excellent autumn colour, small inedible fruit and white flowers in spring.

Grows up to 11m (H) x 2-3m (W).

Cleveland Select
Glensform_3627edit Glensform_2773edit
An upright ornamental pear – wider than the Capital – the Glensform is a very popular variety with excellent autumn colour, bearing small indible fruit and white flowers in spring.

Grows to 11m (H) x 5m (W).

Plums (Prunus)

Blireana treeedit00assaf2vBlireana blossom zxvds5
The most popular flowering plum, the Blireana is upright growing with masses of deep-pink double flowers and reddish-purple foliage, bearing ornamental fruit.

Grows to about 4-5m. 

Elvins 0938aksjdhaskjhd
A tree of dwarfish growth and later flowering than other varieties, it features whole branches covered in showy masses of pink flower buds which become white when fully open.

Grows to about 3-4m.

A very popular variety which is upright growing, bearing ornamental fruit and with single soft pink flowers and dark purple foliage.

Grows to about 4-6m. 

A semi-upright habit, the Pissardi is similar in appearance to Nigra except that the flowers are mostly white. Bearing edible fruit and slightly fragrant, its pink buds open to very pale pink and white flowers.

Grows to about 3-5m.

Ruby Flare™
Ruby Flare_4411aedit
An upright cultivar of prunus ‘Nigra’, this hardy and versatile tree – which is ideal for planting in positions where space is limited – has burgundy foliage to create an attractive contrast in any setting. In spring Ruby Flare™ bears masses of single white blossoms with white stamens, and yields small ornamental maroon coloured fruit.