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Ash (Fraxinus)

Claret Ash

 Claret Ash_1794edit

Claret Ash is a beautiful fast-growing tree with deep green leaves turning to brilliant claret red in autumn. It is a hardy tree which can tolerate drought periods and salt spray and grows in a wide range of climates performing particularly well in sunny, well-drained areas.

Grows to 10-12m. 

Birch (Betula)

Pendula Alba
Silver Birch 12edit
Silver Birch is a highly admired, graceful deciduous tree with open growth habit and slender branches. It is a rapidly growing tree with distinctive white bark at maturity and foliage that turns yellow in autumn. A very hardy tree that is easy to grow, the Silver Birch is tolerant of damp conditions, extreme cold and wind exposure.

Growth to 8-10m.

Elm (Ulmus)

Chinese Elm
Ulmus Parvifolia
ElmUlmus;Chinese Elm;UlmusParvifolia
Chinese Elm is a very hardy tree that prefers a moist, well-drained environment. It is excellent for planting in poor soil and will tolerate most soil conditions. Its dark green leaves turn yellow before falling in winter. With a moderate growth rate, the Chinese Elm is often used in street and driveway plantings.

Grows to 10x10m.

Golden Elm
Ulmus Glabra ‘Lutescens’

Golden Elm_1789edit
Golden Elm has striking green-yellow ribbed foliage and a large, spreading growth habit with foliage that turns from pale yellow to golden yellow as the summer season changes.

Grows to 10-12m.


Gleditsia Sunburst_2169edit
Gleditsia is an eye-catching, thornless, medium to tall tree with fern-like golden and green foliage, turning all golden in the autumn. With an open spreading habit, it is drought-tolerant at maturity. Gleditsia is highly attractive, fast growing and frost hardy.

Grows to 8m.


Golden Rain Tree
Golden Rain Tree is a small, deciduous and very hardy tree often chosen as a street tree, or as a lovely showy tree suitable for smaller gardens. Featuring large fern-like, blue-green leaves with large heads of golden flowers, the leaves turn to beautiful reds, yellows and oranges in autumn.

Grows to 10-15m (H) x 8m (W).

Plane Trees (Platanus)

LPT 12edit
London Plane Tree is a highly popular, large, deciduous street or avenue tree featuring attractive mottled bark with maple-like leaves and clusters of round, bristly fruit. While it prefers deep, moisture-retentive soils, it can adapt to poor compacted soils, and can tolerate polluted environments.

Grows to 14m.


Orientalis Plane Tree






Orientalis Plane Tree is a highly popular, large, deciduous street or avenue tree featuring attractive mottled bark with maple-like leaves and clusters of round, bristly fruit. Known for its longevity and spreading crown, its leaves are more deeply lobed than the London Plane tree.

Grows to 30m.

Alford Blaze
Platanus orientalis ‘Alford Blaze’
Alford Blaze leaf






Alford Blaze is a handsome tree displaying fiery autumn colouring ranging from deep orange and bronze through red. Better colours are produced when grown in an open, sunny area. It is well suited to the southern states of Australia.

 Grows to 15m.


Chinese Pistachio
Pistacia chinensis
Chinese Pistachio_7407edit
Chinese Pistacia is an attractive medium size tree with dark green fine pinnate leaves turning eye-catching red and orange in autumn. This hardy species tolerates full sun positions and prefers well drained soils.

Grows to 8m (H) x 6m (W).


Liquidambar Styraciflua

Liquidambar is well known for its spectacular yellow-orange-purple autumn foliage. An attractive tree with deeply lobed leaves, it bares small woody ornamental fruit. While it tolerates a range of conditions it prefers moist, slightly acidic soil and full sun.

Grows to 12m (H) x 8m (W).


Jacaranda Mimosifolia
Jacaranda has striking panicles of blue-mauve trumpet shape blossoms that last for up to two months in spring. Featuring woody seed pods, large compound leaves and dark scaly bark, it is a hardy street tree although somewhat frost sensitive – especially when young.

Grows to 12m (H) x 8m (W).


Chinese Tallow Tree
Chinese Tallow_4618edit Chinese Tallow_4872edit
Chinese Tallow Tree develops in a pyramidal shape and produces great autumn colours when planted in a warm, sunny position. It is adaptable to coastal regions and hardy once established but important to note that all parts are poisonous.

Grows to 8m.


Forest Pansy
Forest Pansy_jft1edit
Forest Pansy is a highly attractive small ornamental tree featuring large heart-shaped leaves, dark red to purple foliage and fine deep pink blossom. It prefers full sun but must be protected from windy conditions, and while it needs to be kept moist it is important to avoid waterlogging.

Grows to 5m (H) x 5m (W).


Golden Robinia
Frisia is a medium-large hardy tree with bright yellow-lime foliage. and bearing cream racemes of scented flowers which forms a fantastic contrast with trees of other colours. Ensure to prevent suckering by avoiding disturbance of established root system and by avoiding severe water stress.

Grows to 8-10m.

Pears (Pyrus Calleryana)

Manchurian Pear is a hardy tree featuring lush, glossy brilliant red-orange autumn foliage and single white scented flowers in spring. Brilliant red-orange foliage. It grows in a pyramidal shape and bears small inedible fruit.

Grows to 10m (H) x 7m (W).










Capital Pear is a tall, upright variety making it suitable for narrow spaces or avenues. It produces excellent autumn colour, white flowers in spring and bears small inedible fruit.

Grows up to 11m (H) x 2-3m (W).

Cleveland Select

Balhannah_Glensform_blossom_website Balhannah_Glensform_tree_website








Glensform Pear is a highly popular variety producing excellent autumn colour, white flowers in spring and bearing small inedible fruit. At full growth it is slightly wider than a Capital Pear.

Grows to 11m (H) x 5m (W).


Bilreana is the most popular of the Prunus varieties. Bearing ornamental fruit, it is upright growing with profuse flowering of masses of deep-pink double flowers and reddish-purple foliage.

Grows to 4-5m.

Elvins is a tree of dwarfish growth. It flowers later than other Prunus varieties, but when it does, it produces whole branches covered in showy masses of pink flower buds which become white when fully open.

Grows to 3-4m.

Nigra is a popular Prunus variety bearing ornamental fruit. It is upright growing with single soft pink flowers and dark purple foliage.

Grows to 4-6m.

Pissardi is similar in appearance to Nigra, except the flowers are very pale pink to white and it bears edible fruit. Slightly fragrant, it is upright growing.

Grows to 3-5m.