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Located in the heart of the Adelaide Hills, nestled in the Onkaparinga Valley at Charleston, our rich, dark loamy soils combine with cool crisp winters and clean dry summers to make the perfect conditions for growing and nurturing of the finest deciduous fruit and ornamental trees in Australia.

With a history of over 100 years Balhannah Nurseries now operates under the Joyce Family Group, one of the largest names in the Australian apple industry. Combine this tradition with a passion to grow quality products, and the answer must be Balhannah Nurseries for all your fruit and ornamental tree needs!


Don’t forget the water!!

waterdrop Good watering is essential for your fruit trees at this time of the year – a lot of small fruit is due to us not understanding that fruit needs a lot of water to fill it out to its full size.  Remember – the tree needs to first keep itself alive AND then to fill out the fruit – and they’re like little packets of water!


Tips for Summer Planting

It’s in this hot season that all our new season potted fruit trees come into their prime – they’re looking lush and there are plenty in stores now!

And if you want to plant potted fruit trees in Summer – simply follow a few basic rules:


1.       Choose a cooler spell (low 30’s not 40’s!)

2.       Plant in the evening (so it’s a good half day before the sun is on the tree)

3.       Water in very well - to connect the soil with the roots (after stamping the soil firmly down around the roots, water finishes this connection process off).

4.       And if you have a seaweed extract fertilizer in the shed, make a mix and pour it on!


Other than that, if there’s no great shock to the tree, the warm summer conditions are good – the soil is warm, the roots are active and trees can take off extremely quickly – there’s still a few months of growing to go and they’ll grow quicker in the ground.


Psst…there’s no need to prune a potted tree either – and that’s a bonus for most people!


Valley Red_0758 With all that delicious summer fruit around – peaches, nectas, plums, apricots it’s a prime time for capitalizing on the benefits of growing your own fruit that you can ripen on the tree – everyone knows that nothing tastes better than tree ripened summer fruits!


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